Discord rich presence for noita

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I found the original mod here and was made by Evaisa. and since it didn't seem to get updated and I had some ideas I have my version here on github with a few things I could think of.


1. You can download the lates version at the Releases tab. Or go to the [Github.io] site where you'll find a dowload button.
2. Unzip the .zip file in your mods folder.
3. Start the game and load the mod.
4. Good luck. Anything you would like to see added to the mod? Let it know in the Issues, make it yourself or contact me on discord at LFGaming#6286.


- [x] Add death message.


Again, I didn't make the mod it was made by Evaisa and I found it here. This is just my version where I (overtime) will add some things I can think of. ---